By providing expert planning and financial advice, Pinpoint Tactics Business Consulting played an indispensable role in guiding a three-way partnership of ambitious entrepreneurs through the process of launching a mobile steam car wash business in Vancouver and preparing for expansion throughout the Lower Mainland.

Realizing that they had a viable idea but minimal business experience, the three entrepreneurs behind MobiGlow found Pinpoint Tactics through an online search. Stepping into our Independent Counsel role, we scheduled a series of monthly meetings with the owners, refined their business model, formulated a business plan, and designed an effective marketing strategy.


Acting as a Facilitator, Pinpoint Tactics managed the project and ensured an efficient workflow by coordinating communication between MobiGlow and a team of industry experts, including a branding/strategy agency, insurance provider, lawyer, and IT expert.

Armed with a sound business plan and growth strategy, MobiGlow were able to secure the funding they needed and are now perfectly positioned to become a dominant player in an upstart industry.

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“As the founders of MobiGlow we did not have a substantial amount of business experience to draw upon when we set out to build our business. Sandy Huang of Pinpoint Tactics has been an indispensable member of MobiGlow’s Team.

Sandy’s expertise has enabled our company to plan for a much larger infrastructure than we thought possible. Sandy was able to put us in touch with the various experts we needed to facilitate smooth start up for our business.

Sandy is organised, accessible, and has an admirable work ethic. We have already recommended her to our associates to facilitate the start up of their business and they have welcomed her with open arms.”

– Rorelee Tio, Chad Bellamy, Hugo Steele