A longtime fixture of Upper Whistler Village, Kompass Merchantry has enjoyed many years of success as a liquor store, pub, and wine consulting business in the heart of this world-famous ski resort. The challenge of achieving sustainable growth as a mature business in a highly regulated industry led them to Pinpoint Tactics.

Kompass Merchantry’s businesses rely heavily on Whistler’s weather, tourist traffic, and economic conditions. It’s also extremely hard for private liquor stores to compete with government-controlled BC Liquor on price. Strategic Planning Facilitation was recommended to overcome these challenges and design innovative solutions to stimulate growth.

Pinpoint Tactics first evaluated operations, then identified growth opportunities by assessing the company’s current and future environment. As Executive Counsel, we guided the process of setting a new strategic direction and five-year goals. Finally, we created ten step-by-step programs to capitalize on the identified opportunities.

Armed with a new business vision, strategic direction, and an array of executable programs, Kompass Merchantry is positioned to focus on achieving new levels of success as they move ahead of the competition.

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“…Pinpoint Tactics helped us develop a strong business concept, identify our skills and structures, as well as determine our goals for the near and distant future. We were able to create action plans in a step by step process making them more achievable and rewarding.

Sandy and her team at Pinpoint Tactics showed that they have the talent, the background, the knowledge, as well as a surprisingly intuitive instinct for building our business and helping us achieve what we want. They provided us with tools for development, and guided us where we needed it.

Pinpoint Tactics is an invaluable resource for us and will continue to be as we move forward with our plans. I highly recommend them, and look forward to future endeavours.”

– Kompass Merchantry