Highly experienced in their field of naturopathic medicine, but relatively new to managing growth as business owners, Dr. Jeff Lee and Dr. Neetu Dhiman utilized the expertise of Sandy Huang and Pinpoint Tactics Business Consulting to maximize the potential of their clinic.

Since naturopathic medicine’s benefits are long-term rather than immediate, Pinpoint Tactics identified patient retention as a key challenge for Brio Integrative Health. After analyzing their patient care process, we proposed a closely monitored system of follow-up calls and consultations that would clearly show patients both the step-by-step progress and overall value of treatments.

A marketing strategy was developed to raise Brio Integrative Health’s visibility and broaden their client base.

Through the guidance of Pinpoint Tactics, Brio Integrative Health were equipped with the knowledge and systems they needed to solidify their foundation of loyal patients while implementing measures to attract a steady influx of new clients.

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Brio Integrative Health Centre


“I am most impressed with Sandy’s ability to understand the complexities of my particular industry. She is very intelligent, self-motivated and resourceful.

She pays attention to details and has provided me with excellent service beyond my expectations. With Pinpoint Tactics on my team, I am very optimistic my business will be wildly successful.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Lee