Our business model is based on helping you dissect and streamline your business functions to ensure that your company works cohesively and moves strategically towards its end goal.

Pinpoint Tactics does not just provide a plan, but works with you and your staff to create and implement strategies. Pinpoint Tactics, along with the area experts on our team, assume a total investment in your company and are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your success.

A Tactical Business vs. A Strategic Business

Pinpoint Tactics chaotic business model 

A Tactical Business

When a business reaches a certain stage of success, it becomes impossible for one person to oversee every department. Experts must be hired.

The danger is that, without a strategic growth plan that clearly identifies and communicates the company’s overall goals, focus will be lost. Independently, each expert may be running their department efficiently, but if their department is not coordinated with the others, the result is often countless hours of valuable time wasted via duplicated, inessential, or counterproductive tasks.

Pinpoint Tactics business model 

A Strategic Business

Pinpoint Tactics excels in helping businesses become strategic and focused. In a strategic business, everyone from the top executives to the mailroom clerk have a clear understanding of their value and of how their individual role contributes to the overall ambition of the company.

Our business model is based on dissecting your business, identifying goals for each department, and streamlining operations to ensure that every sector of your company works cohesively and moves strategically towards the overall goal.

Pinpoint Tactics typically helps businesses coordinate five key areas:

Finance | Human Resources (HR) | Information Technology (IT) | Marketing | Operations


Having a firm financial control is the key to a company’s economic success. Our evaluation process will identify the source of existing financial challenges such as liquidity problems or accounting and tax-planning deficiencies.

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Human Resources (HR)

Good employees are your company’s most valuable assets. Our HR expert will help develop your employees and their skill sets, then advise you on the best ways they can individually and collectively contribute to the success of your business.

Information Technology (IT)

An IT department that is both strategic and operational will help maximize customer satisfaction, business competitiveness, and company profitability. Our IT Strategist will maximize your technological benefits to best support your business decisions.

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Marketing attracts new customers, satisfies existing customers, and reconnects you with past customers. We will examine your current marketing plan and design a strategy to maximize its effectiveness.


We want to ensure that your business is making the most efficient use of resources to effectively meet customer requirements. A full operations assessment will identify areas of potential improvement.